Results from 2019 – 36th Narcoota Annual Ram Sale

Narcoota Poll Merino Stud – 2019 Ram Sale – Top priced rams with Buyer Steven Strauss third from the left, Dylan Ruiz, Elders Eudunda, Tim Grosser vendor and Richard Hentschke. 

The Grosser family of Eudunda were pleased to sell 33 rams on September 6.

Steven Strauss paid the top price of $2300 for a Narcoota ram with a nourished quality 16.5 micron fleece and body weight of 78 kg at 12 months of age. This ram was sired by Ramsgate 160197 purchased at the Classing Classic in 2017. Steven from Mannum has been buying rams from Narcoota for 26 years and shears his ewes twice per year.

Second top price was paid by MR & HJ Williams of Marrabel for $1800. This ram stood well with a nourished elite wool.

The Lee family of Kulkami purchased 6 rams with dual purpose characteristics at an average of $770. The Lee family of Kulkami have attended every Narcoota ram sale.

The largest volume buyer was the Sobey family of Blanchetown. Phil has been the major buyer of rams at Narcoota for 30 years and he secured 9 rams to maintain the high quality of the Roonka wool clip.

Local buyer, Nelson Lewis and Peter Loffler are putting a lot of effort into maintaining their sheep flock and have two new champs heading to Australia Plains bred by Ramsgate 160197.

The sale received a boost from the JA Pfitzner Family Trust, Point Pass when they purchased four dual purpose rams with plenty of wool.

Wayne and Gail Fromm of Nildottie purchased four rams early in the sale. Wayne and Gail Fromm of Nildottie are positive couple amongst the challenges of dry land farming and are kicking many goals with their sheep production. This year they purchased four rams as they ramp up the merino component of their flock.

Jason Zerk from Copeville bidding on behalf on Kluge farms, Murray Bridge secured three rams.

The sale was conducted efficiently by former local Steven Doecke, Elders Keith.