Results from 2018 – 35th Narcoota Annual Ram Sale

Narcoota Poll Merino Top price ram 2018 with Buyer Steven Strauss middle, Richard Hentschke, Glen Keast holding ram, Kip Dunstan and vendor Tim Grosser

The Grosser family were pleased to sell 39 rams on September 6.

The number of rams offered was 63 and 39 sold at an average price of $933.

Lot 1 made the top price of $2400 purchased by SJ & TD Strauss, this ram had a 18.7 micron fleece, cv of 15.4%, sd of 2.9 microns, 99.0 % comfort factor , body weight of 97 kg , EMD of 44mm and had a staple that grew 95mm in 170 days. This ram was sired by a 2016 drop ram lamb Narcoota 6074. Steven Strauss from Mannum has been buying rams from Narcoota for 25 years and this year he purchased five rams at an average of $1600.

Second top price was Lot 9 sold to Phil & Rhonda Klemm of Brinkworth for $2000. This ram was sired by Narcoota 4121. This 14 month old ram had a Fd of 19.9 micron, cv of 15.4, sd 3.1, cf of 99.8, emd of 37, weight of 83 kg. They also gained lot 2 for $1000. They have been buying rams from Narcoota for 22 years.

The largest volume buyer was the Sobey family of Blanchetown. Phil has been the major buyer of rams at Narcoota for 30 years and he and his son Greg secured 7 rams at an average of $800 to maintain the high quality of the Roonka wool clip. They secured Lot 8 for $950 which goes back to a Ridgway Advance sire with excellent wool characteristics.

The Zadow family of Bindamurra, Blanchetown purchased 5 rams at an average of $770 with Peter bidding to $1100 to claim Lot 13.

The Lee family of Kulkami have attended every Narcoota ram sale. This year they purchased 4 rams in the $600 to $700 range with good dual purpose characteristics. At a recent hogget classing the Lee’s mallee hoggets looked outstanding.

Landmark Pfitzner & Kleinig of Eudunda conducted the sale with regular auctioneer, Glen Keast.