Results from 2017 – 34th Annual Ram Sale

Narcoota Poll Merino Stud – Two top priced rams with Buyers Ben and David Heinrich, auctioneer Paul Kilby, Buyer Wayne Fromm and vendor Tim Grosser.

Merino rams are in strong demand and this lead to a strong sale for the Grosser family on September 7. The presence of 6 new buyers amongst the 19 registered bidders was encouraging for the vendors at their 34th annual sale.

The number of rams offered was 68 and 61 sold at an average price of $1069. This was higher than last years average of $820.

The top price rams sold for $2200. Lot 6 sold to WM & GC Fromm, this ram had a 19.4 micron fleece, 99.6 % comfort factor and a fleece weight of 109 %, body weight of 114 kg , EMD of 43mm. Equal top price was Lot 8 sold to Kingsbelt Farming this ram fleece tested a 20.9 micron fibre diameter, 99.6 % comfort factor and a fleece weight of 109 %, body weight of 123 kg , EMD of 44mm.

WM & GC Fromm of Swan Reach purchased 4 rams with long stretchy bodies and nourished quality wools.

Kingsbelt farming of Freeling purchased 6 quality rams that will be the cornerstone in an exciting chapter of the families sheep enterprise.

PG & AY Sobey have been buying rams at Narcoota for almost 30 years and they secured 8 rams to maintain the high quality of their wool clip at Roonka station, Blanchetown.

Huttonvale Farm, Angaston purchased 6 rams with good dual purpose characteristics.

Local buyers included GC & SK Doecke, Schutz Hillsview, NP Lewis, Moosoona Family Trust, AM Schmidt, PJ & CL Voigt and BG & JD Schulz.

Elders Roseworthy conducted the sale with auctioneer being local agent Paul Kilby.