Narcoota Poll Merino Stud

Narcoota Poll Merino Stud Sell 37 Rams at thier 2021 Sale.

Narcoota Poll Merino Stud 2021 Top Priced Ram At Sale

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  • Narcoota Rams 2020 - Top price
    Narcoota Rams 2020 - Top price

Finding Narcoota:
Eudunda Road, Neales Flat.


Narcoota Rams with Homestead in the distant background

Rodney Grosser of Eudunda commenced breeding Merino rams in 1960. The Grosser family were involved in the Eudunda ram sale in the 1980’s and have continued holding on-property ram sales.

Breeding objectives are to produce dual purpose polls with plain bodies capable of rearing twins. We have been blessed with good lambing percentages. Selection gives consideration to those yearlings reared from ewes that were scanned as bearing multiples.

At marking males are not mulesed to assist in identifying individuals that are less susceptible to breech strike though some wool bearing skin is removed from the tail. Details for the ram sale include eye muscle depth, fat depth, body weight and fleece measurements. The mean fibre diameter of the adult clip has varied between 19 and 21.4 microns with staple lengths of 123 mm from 12 months growth or 62 mm from 6 months growth.

Genetic infusions have included Baderloo, Mernowie, Ejanding and Leahcim.

The sale line up has generally allowed clients to have plenty of choice at budget prices.

Narcoota Rams show off ready for an earlier sale