Narcoota Poll Merino Stud

Narcoota Poll Merino Stud
held their 37th on property Ram Sale
on Thursday September 10th.

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Narcoota Rams 2020 – Top price – view the report to find out all the details

Below are photos from the 2019 & 2018 Ram Sales

  • Narcoota Poll Merino Ram Sale 2018 - 1
    Narcoota Poll Merino Ram Sale 2018 - 1

Finding Narcoota:
Eudunda Road, Neales Flat.


Narcoota Rams with Homestead in the distant background

Originally the stud was based on the Collinsville bloodline with infusion from Moorundie Park and Orrie Cowie.

More recently the Leahcim bloodline has been introduced.

The emphasis has been on producing stylish wool with lower microns, while maintaining fleece weights on bodies free of wrinkles or folds. The introduction of the Grange Artificial Insemination Program in 2001 has bred merinos with greater emphasis on meat.

The stud is also keen to produce rams with bare skin under the tail, which are receiving more interest. Ram buyers from the mallee, mid-north and locally have been impressed by the quality of rams.

When compared to other studs with higher profiles the rams offered compare favourably and average prices are more affordable.

Narcoota Rams show off ready for an earlier sale